SoundBoxes for Sale

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UPDATE: SOLD the whole edition to a collector in the States. I will be doing future runs of SoundBoxes soon, watch this space or get in touch to reserve yours.

I wanted to remind my dear readers that the three SoundBoxes of the Ghost Lockets series are still for sale. Price is EUR 120 each plus shipping (and USt for German buyers). The Ghost Lockets are enhanced SoundBoxes, incorporating a circuit based on a fancy boutique guitar fuzz with a spring-mounted contact microphone, 9V battery, 1/2 Watt audio amplifier, transparent speaker and audio-responsive lighting. Each one also contains a Danish ghost.

You can see more detailed photos of each here. Videos of two other SoundBoxes can be viewed here (similar design, no distortion) and here (different design, but recorded with distortion pedal), and these should give you an idea of how they can be played and what they sound like. I can shoot specific photos and videos next week for interested buyers. Handstamped nameplate on request.

Contact: macumbista AT THE DOMAIN gmail DOT com

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back to civilization…

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Near village of Mooste EE, 3 Jan 2012

Currently teaching a workshop for the TAIK Media Lab in rainy Helsinki after an amazing New Years trip to MOKS in southeast Estonia, where I walked, cooked, sauna’ed, ate and drank with friends and worked on some sound with Jelena Glazova from Riga. Her processed vocals vs my feedbacking soundboxes… Perhaps some glimpses of this project will make it online later on when I’m back in Berlin and have time to edit them.

I just confirmed two gigs, one Macumbista live set for Electric Spring in Huddersfield UK on 15 February (along with a two day workshop preceding this) and one TONEWHEELS performance and lecture for Sonores in Guimaraes PT on 27 April. I’d be very interested to hear from London people about activities around 16-19 February… pls get in touch!

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hive mindelemental disgrace[2011 spectrum spools]

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Video: nonlinearity III

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nonlinearity III from macumbista on Vimeo.

Q: So what do you do?

A: I make sound instruments that no one’s ever seen before, and then I teach myself how to play them.

Q: Do you play them well?

A: Well, if no one’s ever seen one before, how can they tell if I’m playing it badly or not?

Triple soundbox-drone nonlinearity study, constructed and recorded during my 2011 residency at the Danish Institute for Electro/Acoustic Music, Aarhus and edited during a shorter residency at MOKS, Mooste. Glam-rock, audio-responsive soundbox built for KT.

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Playlist: 2011 in Sounds

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aluk todoloordre[2011 ajna offensive]
asvapresence of absence[2011 important]
barn owl + jefre cantu-ledesmalive at levee berlin[may 2011]
barn owl & the infinite strings ensemblethe headlands[2011 important]
ben frostlive at berghain berlin[feb 2011]
bohren and der club of gorebeileid ep[2011 ipecac]
charlemagne palestinelive at tuned city tallinn[july 2011]
corruptedgarten der unbewusstheit[2011 cold ashes]
crippled black phoenixlive at festsaal kreuzberg berlin[may 2011]
cut handsafro noise 1[2011 very friendly/susan lawly]
diamanda galaslive at wundergrund copenhagen[oct 2011]
earthangels of darkness, demons of light I[2011 southern lord]
elehradiant intervals[2011 important]
eliane radiguetransamorem, transmortem[2011 important]
ellen fullmanthrough glass panes[2011 important]
evan caminitiwhen california falls into the sea 12″[2011 handmade birds]
falls of raurosthe light that dwells in rotten wood[2011 bindrune]
lasse marhauglive at wundergrund copenhagen[nov 2011]
master musicians of bukkakelive at festsaal kreuzberg berlin[may 2011]
mika vainiolife (… it eats you up)[2011 editions mego]
motion sickness of time traveldreamcatcher cs[2011 hobo cult records]
oneohtrix point neverreplica[2011 software]
pharaoh overlordout of darkness[2011 ektro]
pj harveylet england shake[2011 island]
the skull defects feat. daniel higgspeer amid[2011 thrill jockey]
thomas ankersmitlive at tuned city tallinn[july 2011]
tim heckerravedeath 1972[2011 kranky]
trevor wisharttalk and concert at DIEM aarhus[dec 2011]
various artistsbrass pins & match heads: international 78s[2011 mississippi]
valerio tricoli & thomas ankersmitforma II[2011 pan-act]
wolves in the throne roomcelestial lineage[2011 southern lord]