Formanta Drone [surface noise]

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Formanta Drone [surface noise] by macumbista

An older track from 2003, but one that I still appreciate. It uses the sample-and-hold noise-driven LFO of a Soviet-era Formanta EMS-01 synthesizer, digitally cross-bred with the surface noise at the end of a scratchy old Russian vinyl. Reflecting on this piece, I can see the start of a deep interest in automatic, generative and self-modulating processes taking shape. Thanks to Maksim Borisov for use of his amazing electronic museum piece! Originally released as part of the Karosta Project.

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Offline 27 June-16 July

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No emails from 27 June-16 July!!!! Come find me here… or in a quiet little nameless somewhere near there at least. If you can….

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Even after 11 years, the Europeans haven’t managed to socialize me yet. My deepest ideas of happiness still revolve around living in a wooden house, deep in the forest, with six dogs, three wives and twelve loaded firearms.


Cthonian Cell Observation I @ KHM/ISEA 2010 Dortmund

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Cthonian Cell Observation I (Continuous Pressure Wave for Elevator Car), 2010
A Sound Performance by Derek Holzer in the context of the KHM Heavy Matter exhibition at ISEA 2010, Dortmund

Self-made analog modular synthesizer, guitar amplifier, strobe lights

Opening: Thursday 19 August 2010, 19.00-22.00
Performance evening: Monday 23 August 2010, 19.00-22.00
Westfalenforum, Kampstr. 35 – 37, Dortmund, Germany

Drawing on the underworld mythology of heavy metal and noise music, Cthonian Cell Observation I is a three hour long concert for an audience of one. The performance takes place in the narrow confines of an elevator car filled with an overpowering, physical mass of sound pressure and blinding lights. A single person may be admitted to the space at a time, which is barely large enough to accommodate them, the performer and all the equipment necessary to make the performance. Those outside, hearing almost nothing, may guess at what kind of experience the listener inside is undergoing. But each one is unknowably alone once they step through the door.

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kevin drummnecro acoustic 5cd box[2010 picadisk]

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Mal au Pixel, Paris 25 June

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Mal au Pixel, Le Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris • 21h-0h • 3€

Derek Holzer | Circlemakers (Gaël Angelis, Magali Sanheira, Julien Sirjacg) | Jérôme Poret

+ Ars Longa installation by Gaël Angelis, Magali Sanheira, Julien Sirjacg & Jérôme Poret [fr]

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alma daaéwormwood star[2009 mars pyramid]
kevin lynamtone cloud[2009 mars pyramid]
neun weltendestrunken[2009 prophecy records]
oranssi pazuzumuukalainen puhuu[2009 violent journey]
paul schradercat people film[1982]
vikomttwilight visions[2009 mars pyramid]
william t. vollmannyou bright and risen angels book[1987]

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Macumbista Mini Demo #1

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Macumbista Mini demo #1 by macumbista

This demo is an edit of three settings from the Macumbista Mini synthesizer: The Mac Mini uses two cross-modulated Voltage Controlled Slopes through an Analog Logic module and a pair of Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filters. Feedback from the audio mixer is returned to the control section of the VCS modules.

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georges bataillethe story of the eye book[1928]
hans bellmer-illustrations for the story of the eye[1946]
knutwonder[2010 hydra head]
nick cave & the bad seedstender prey[1988]
pan sonicgravitoni[2010 blast first]
yellow swans+devillocksplit 7″[2007 modern radio]

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