Macumbista Mini Demo #1

Macumbista Mini demo #1 by macumbista

This demo is an edit of three settings from the Macumbista Mini synthesizer: The Mac Mini uses two cross-modulated Voltage Controlled Slopes through an Analog Logic module and a pair of Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filters. Feedback from the audio mixer is returned to the control section of the VCS modules.

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georges bataillethe story of the eye book[1928]
hans bellmer-illustrations for the story of the eye[1946]
knutwonder[2010 hydra head]
nick cave & the bad seedstender prey[1988]
pan sonicgravitoni[2010 blast first]
yellow swans+devillocksplit 7″[2007 modern radio]

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3 Responses to “Macumbista Mini Demo #1”

  1. deepbluehue Says:

    Belt / joel bender

    I had the pleasure of doing Butoh style performance with joel bender on his 6 ( or so ) stop live tour in ’91 . . . Was nice to hear someone saw us play ! ( macumbista )

    Fyi The face photo was my face

    ( at the time )

    ~ dougie in austin

  2. admin Says:

    Wow, fantastic! I remember that performance, i think it was the first noise show I saw when I moved to SF and the Butoh really struck me, perhaps even inspired me to investigate what the hell it actually was, so thank you. I think there might have been 5 other people in the shop that afternoon, including the shop owner/employee. I wonder where they are now… ;-)

  3. admin Says:

    In case anyone’s wondering what this little conversation refers to: