Berlin Hack-a-Stylophone Workshop with Tasos Stamou 29 MAR 2015

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Atelier Macumba presents our first public workshop in Berlin, Hack-a-Stylophone with London circuit-bander Tasos Stamou. This circuit bending workshop on the 29thth of March is dedicated to altering and upgrading the functions and sounds of original Stylophones (revived version). Participants will be guided through the process of hard wiring the keyboard and transforming it into a useful analogue synthesizer; adding pitch controls, body contacts, sustain mods, CV (control Voltage) and other possible adds.


EUR 45 if you bring your own Stylophone (new version, not vintage!)
EUR 60 with Stylophone provided

Participation in this workshop is by PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY to Location and further details will be provided upon registration.

Due to the nature of the modifications, this instrument will be really useful to people using modular synthesizers, as an extra voice source to their modular synthesizer system.


Tasos Stamou is a dedicated circuit bender and an instrument modifier/designer. He has been utilizing his hacked creations into various performances (such as at the BENT Festival, New York) and recordings of obscure electronica ( Absurd, Triple Bathe, Orila).


MusicMakers Hacklab CTM Fest Berlin

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Next week I will be assisting Peter Kirn/CreateDigitalMusic with the Music Makers Hacklab at the CTM Festival, at the Kunstquartier Projektraum (Bethanien), Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin.

We have an incredibly diverse range of speakers two or three times a day and competely open to the public, including Keith Fullerton Whitman, Imogen Heap, Lucas Abela, Mark Fell, Demdike Stare, Tim Exile, Ali Demirel, Native Instruments, Ableton Live and others.

Our team of Hacklab fellows, selected from a massive amount of submissions with what I could modestly say were a mind-boggling array of potential projects, will be Darsha Hewitt, Arvid Jense, Karl O’Keeffe, Tommi Koskinen, Sebastian Arnold, Servando Barreiro, Diana Combo, Oliver Greshcke, Jem the Misfit, Rainer Kohlberger, Jacob Sikker Remin, Afroditi, Christoph Mann and Jasmine Guffond.

We are open from 12:00-20:00 daily from Monday 28 Jan until Friday 01 Feb, with a public presentation of Hacklab projects from 16:00 on Friday 01 Feb. Hope to see you there!

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Post-Tallinn Tuned City report

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Photo: Linnahall lobby by Felicity Ford

So Tuned City Tallinn has finally taken place, and what an amazing, inspiring and exhausting experience it was!!! My personal highlights were the Ici-Même soundwalk through the Balti Jaam (train station), Charlemagne Palestine’s church organ concert in the Niguliste, Thomas Ankersmit’s acoustic tour of the Linnahall and architectural sound performance in the Kultuurikatel, Mads Bech Pauluszewski’s tactile acoustic interventionism workshop, the eyland 07 12-tone-filter and Raul Keller’s “sonic torpedoes”.

Photo: Mads Bech Pauluszewski plays the 12 Tone Filter by Jürgen Lehmeier

The low points might have included the chief organist at the Niguliste, who acted as if he had caught Charlemagne humping his wife and disapproved of the style in which he was humping her. I would be remiss if I left out getting half of one of our PAs stolen, of course. And once again, I am reminded that being a professional means you must remain polite while the sound man complains after 6 months of prep time that you didn’t send “the proper kind of rider”, instead of just punching him in the mouth.

Photo: Pierre-Laurent Cassière‘s Transphere by Felicity Ford

But really, all the projects were fantastic, the problems minor and the feeling within the organizing team really like a family. Thanks to the artists, my teammates and the audience for a mindblowing week in Tallinn. You can read a very nice report by Felicity Ford here. There are also quite a few daily blog reports on front page of the Tuned City website, including the sonic reports by Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini’s workshop group. More to come! Enjoy…

Photo: Mads Bech Pauluszewski self-portrait with Pierre-Laurent Cassière’s Disorientophones

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