Field Recording workshop, Almere + KFRF, Berlin

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Recording on Lake Michigan, 2006 Field Recording Workshop: 22-23 August, Almere, the Netherlands

I’m giving a two day workshop on listening to and making field recordings as part of the SITE2F7 Festival next weekend, 22-23 August 2008.

The workshop will run from 17:00-23:00 or later on the Friday night. In the afternoon we’ll listen to examples of different types and approaches to field recording from the website as well as various CDs. Then we’ll learn a bit about using professional sound recording gear such as the Sound Devices 700-series field recorder, DPA microphone capsules, Mid/Side microphone rigs, windscreens and more. Then in the evening we’ll go out and record the area around De Paviljeons, a temporary museum space in heart of Almere where the festival is taking place. Saturday, from 10:00-17:00 we’ll listen to, critique and edit for presentation the recordings of the participants.

There will be a final presentation of the participants’ recordings as well as other works I’ve selected from and other places at 20:00 that evening. There should be a few places left, and I think that it’s free… contact:

Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival: 20 September, Berlin, Germany

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Materialistic Obesessions + Power Chords

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I. I started an Amazon list a couple nights ago at 5am, hit with a bad bout of insomnia and going through all the books in my head that I haven’t had time to read yet. I share it not so much for any reason of material gain (although my birthday is approaching…), but rather as a way of sharing some of my lasting or latest obsessions…

Macumbista’s Amazon list

II. My presence last Friday at White Rabbit seemed to trigger a strange new chain of events, which I can only attribute to the new mix of scenesters–beyond the usual noise-ghetto crowd I’ve played to in Berlin before–who turned up for the event.

I hope to put some documentation of the piece I did up soon… Suffice it to say that it was a 5 Meter Power Chord made of piano wire stretched between two columns in the room and run through a rat’s nest of distortion pedals before making it’s way to a borrowed Crown amp/JBL speaker cab pair which crudely functioned as my “stack”. My attempts to tune it to a Drop D were a little flawed, but the set went very well considering that I finished the instrument at 6pm that day!

A few gig offers were forthcoming, but the most interesting thing was the chance to do a 10 Meter Power Chord as a two or three week long installation at a project space near where I live in Friedrichshain. This could happen as soon as early November. Details as soon as they are confirmed!

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An Evening’s Redness in the West, 15 Aug Berlin

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Hair Entertainment & Macumbista present:

An Evening’s Redness in the West


Dead Black Arms (DK)
myspace. com/satanismaroundhollywood

Spastic Dementia (AR)
myspace. com/marceloaguirre

Macumbista (US)
myspace. com/macumbista

DJ: Chris Douglas /O.S.T. (iDEAL)
myspace. com/rougishscald

http://hairentertainment. com/DEADBLACKARMS/WHITERABBIT

15 August 2008
White Rabbit
Lobeckstraße 35, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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