Materialistic Obesessions + Power Chords

I. I started an Amazon list a couple nights ago at 5am, hit with a bad bout of insomnia and going through all the books in my head that I haven’t had time to read yet. I share it not so much for any reason of material gain (although my birthday is approaching…), but rather as a way of sharing some of my lasting or latest obsessions…

Macumbista’s Amazon list

II. My presence last Friday at White Rabbit seemed to trigger a strange new chain of events, which I can only attribute to the new mix of scenesters–beyond the usual noise-ghetto crowd I’ve played to in Berlin before–who turned up for the event.

I hope to put some documentation of the piece I did up soon… Suffice it to say that it was a 5 Meter Power Chord made of piano wire stretched between two columns in the room and run through a rat’s nest of distortion pedals before making it’s way to a borrowed Crown amp/JBL speaker cab pair which crudely functioned as my “stack”. My attempts to tune it to a Drop D were a little flawed, but the set went very well considering that I finished the instrument at 6pm that day!

A few gig offers were forthcoming, but the most interesting thing was the chance to do a 10 Meter Power Chord as a two or three week long installation at a project space near where I live in Friedrichshain. This could happen as soon as early November. Details as soon as they are confirmed!

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