What to take from the burning house?

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The Burning House blog asks the simple question:

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.

Here is my as-of-yet unaccepted submission:

Name: Derek Holzer
Age: 38
Location: Berlin, DE
Occupation: Sound Artist
Website: macumbista.net

This actually wasn’t too difficult considering that most of the things listed get taken on tour with me almost every month. Far more difficult was getting a picture that wasn’t too dark as most of the things I own are still black…

* Horsehide motorcycle jacket
* Analog modular synthesizer (built by hand over two years)
* Diamond Bluff field bag (“borrowed” from my father)
* Leather Goods Connection Ponderosa wallet
* Passport of the Beast
* Cheap “Viking” silver ring (bought in Malmo)
* Victorinox Swiss Army knife
* Whatever raw denims I am living in at the moment
* Sound Devices 722 recorder (with six years of sound recordings on it)
* Fuzz Factory-clone distortion pedal (self-made)
* Pueblo Indian handmade silver bracelet (gift from my father)
* Boss Heavy Metal pedal
* Jessica Rylan Multimode Voltage Controlled Filter (self-made)
* Redwings Iron Rangers
* Annelise Williamson skull buckle with turquoise eyes (gift from AW)
* De Santis basketweave gunbelt
* Antique Bulgarian hand-woven blanket (purchased in Bansko)
* (not pictured: beater old Powerbook containing the rest of my life…)

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Tuned City in Tallinn started already with a series of workshops earlier in spring. In close collaboration with our partner Ptarmigan (http://ptarmigan.ee), we are offering a series of workshops short before and during the event in July. Invited artists will each share their individual tools for listening to the city, and offer both a deeper insight into their artistic practice and a chance for the participants to become actively involved in the program of the event. And whether those tools be telephones, acoustic tubes, electronic transducers, radio waves or physical movement, the participants in these workshops will never hear the city the same way again.

These workshops are open for registration right now:

Methaphones workshop / July 4 + 5 2011
with Unsworn Telecom (Stockholm, SE)

12-tone filter / July 4 – 10 2011 (during the event)
with eyland 07, René Rissland, Jürgen Lehmeier (Nürnberg, D)

Tuning the City / July 5 – 10 2011 (during the event)
with Mads Bech Paluszewski (Copenhagen, DK)

framework radio – documentation and production / July 7 – 10 2011 (during the event)
with Felicity Ford (UK) and Valeria Merlini (IT / D)
on behalf of Patrick McGinley, framework radio (US / EE)

City sounds concerts / June 28 – July 3 2011
with Ici-Même (Grenoble, F)

An overview can be found here:http://www.tunedcity.net/?lp_lang_pref=en&page_id=950



07.07.2011 20:00
Charles Curtis (US) – Naldjorlak (by Eliane Radigue)

08.07.2011 21:00
Charlemagne Palestine (BE) – Schlingen Blängen (organ performance)

09.07.2011 21:00
Thomas Ankersmit (NL/D) – Saxophone and Synthesizer Improvisation

10.07.2011 21:00
Maja S.K. Ratkje (NO) – Electro-acoustic Vocals

Traditional and classical music often treat the performance hall as a tabula rasa to be inscribed with sound, and even improvised music can overlook the site it is performed within as an important factor. So what happens when a musician decides to play a duo with space as the partner?

Tuned City has invited four vibrant, innovative and influential contemporary performers to address the topic of sound and space through four individual music performances. Each artist has developed a special relationship over their career with their chosen instrument–the cello, the organ, the saxophone and the voice–which becomes like a spoken idiom to them. Using this unique language, the performers will engage in dialog with a variety of spaces, from the warm, wooden intimacy of a 14th Century horse mill to the cold, concrete depth of Soviet-era industrial structures.

Read more: http://www.tunedcity.net/?lp_lang_pref=en&page_id=1268

Buy Tickets: http://www.piletilevi.ee/est/piletid/tallinn_2011/muusika/?show=22397



This series aims at drawing correspondences between ‚architecture‘ and ‚sound‘ to a more primary relation between notions of ‚place‘ and ‚practices of listening‘. In other words to underscore an interplay between the sense of being ‚situated‘ and the intentionality of what is being ‚heard‘. It is from within this primary level of interactions that a sense of ‚sound‘ as well as a notion of ‚site‘, and by extension ‚architecture‘, are derived in the first place. For the current constellation of talks and presentations a particular emphasis is placed on an understanding of listening, not a biological constant, but rather a ‚practice‘ that both shapes and is shaped by various contexts. In this sense every mode of hearing is understood to be distributed across a diversity of practices and disciplines.

Talks and presentations as well as pertinent artist projects and presentations included in this Tuned City event draw upon recent developments in such diverse fields as urbanism, art and architecture history and theory, philosophy, sensory history, sensory ethnography, archaeoacoustics and musicology, getting closer to what may be at stake in auditory models of ‚situated-ness‘. One common approach, shared by the various practitioners, understands the ‚sonic imagination‘ to be an operative mode of thinking. It is this mode of thinking that potentially engages the social, aesthetic and even ethical, political implications of an attentiveness to the sonority of place. Please have a closer look:




To properly explore the sonic effects possible within the cityscape, it is often necessary to move beyond the traditional model of the seated conference- or performance-audience. For Tallinn 2011, we aspire to present a selection of innovative and fresh sound experiences across several specially-selected locations in the city.

Taking place each afternoon, the Site Specific Projects are a modular series of parallel programs featuring soundwalks, performances, installations and interventions. These projects involve the audience in a new way of experiencing sound and space through the use of sculptural, graphical, musical and sonic means. Some of the projects are designed for a small group of people, keeping the experience of the project both participatory and intimate. Such projects may be offered several times during the Tuned City event. Other projects may only be offered once within the context of the conference program, and some may require registration to keep the audience within a certain size. Please check the project descriptions at our website for more information:


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Aarhus Residency Fall Winter 2011 + Berlin sublet

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I just received news that I will be DIVA artist-in-residence at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus from 15 August until 15 December 2011. This is great news, and I’ll be using the time to work on some sound/space-related synthesizer experiments, as well as work with students there on electro-acoustic compositions.

Because of this, I am looking to sublet my 42m flat in Friedrichshain, Berlin during that time, or perhaps even until mid-January. Please write macumbista AT THE DOMAIN gmail.com for details.

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[audio] Mathesis (early edit)

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Mathesis (early edit) by macumbista

Recorded Dec 2009 at the CEM studio in WORM, Rotterdam NL with their Serge modular and ARP2500 synthesizers, my own pedals and a nice big mixing console. Edited in Ardour. An early sketch, which may be returned to at a later date.

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Live Jerusalem, 25.05.11 (edit)

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Derek Holzer live at Musrara Mix #11 Festival, Jerusalem, IL 25.05.11 (edit) by macumbista

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[video] TONEWHEELS at Multiplace Fest, Brno

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DEREK HOLZER (US/DE) – MULTIPLACE OPENING 2. 5. 2011 from Fórum 4AM on Vimeo.

Vzhledem k vývoji celého vystoupení doporučuji všem vizuálně naladěným divákům zhlédnout především druhou polovinu klipu.

“Derek Holzer se v projektu Tonewheels inspiruje pionýrskými díly elektronické hudby 20. století (ANS Syntetizér, Variophone, Oramic systém).” Vyrobil GUERILLA.film

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