[video] TONEWHEELS workshop, DA Festival, Sofia Bulgaria

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TONEWHEELS workshop, DA Festival, Sofia Bulgaria from macumbista on Vimeo.
TONEWHEELS is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound,
inspired by some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music

In this three day workshop from 24-27 October 2009, participants built
a simple light-to-sound converter and DC motor controller, and then
began to experiment with drawing sounds onto transparent “tonewheels”.
The workshop ended in a group performance and an invitation to the
audience to try out the instruments for themselves.

As you can see, both the participants and the audience had a great time
with this. I did too! My thanks go to Galina Dimitrova, Rene Beekman,
Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov, Venelin Shurelov, DA Festival, National
Academy of the Arts Sofia, Elena Kaludova and all the participants for a fantastic workshop in Bulgaria!

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Tiny Noise Cologne/Moers videos

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Slowly recovering from two and a half weeks on the road! Played four gigs in three different countries, did several workshops and started my fellowship at KHM in Cologne… Video docs from the Cologne and Moers gigs are ready, and I have some great clips of the Bulgarian TONEWHEELS workshop+presentation waiting to get edited, I will post them soon. Enjoy…

15/17 NOVEMBER 2009

Tina Tonagel [de]
Saal5 [de]
Derek Holzer [usa/de]
RaumZeitPiraten [de]
RYBn [fr]
FrlLinientreu [de]
Robert Kondorosi [de]
Justice Yeldham [au]
EOSIN [pt]

Derek Holzer from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.

TINY NOISE COLOGNE from Elektronen Toto on Vimeo.


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