PHOTOS: live in Tenerife June 2011

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SoundBox performance at Proximos Festival, Tenerife ES in June 2011. Thanks to Simone for passing these on, I have great memories from my visit there!

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daniel higgssay god [2010 thrill jockey]
eli keszlercold pin [2011 pan] + live at NK project berlin [29.01.12]
eliane radiguenaldjorlak & psi 847, live at ctm festival [30.01.12 – 31.01.12]
john wieseseven of wands [2011 pan] + live at NK project berlin [29.01.12]
nicholas szczepanikplease stop loving me [2011 streamline]
supersilent + joshua light showlive at ctm festival [01.02.12]
oneidaabsolute II [2011 jagjaguwar]

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back to civilization…

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Near village of Mooste EE, 3 Jan 2012

Currently teaching a workshop for the TAIK Media Lab in rainy Helsinki after an amazing New Years trip to MOKS in southeast Estonia, where I walked, cooked, sauna’ed, ate and drank with friends and worked on some sound with Jelena Glazova from Riga. Her processed vocals vs my feedbacking soundboxes… Perhaps some glimpses of this project will make it online later on when I’m back in Berlin and have time to edit them.

I just confirmed two gigs, one Macumbista live set for Electric Spring in Huddersfield UK on 15 February (along with a two day workshop preceding this) and one TONEWHEELS performance and lecture for Sonores in Guimaraes PT on 27 April. I’d be very interested to hear from London people about activities around 16-19 February… pls get in touch!

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hive mindelemental disgrace[2011 spectrum spools]

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Playlist: 2011 in Sounds

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aluk todoloordre[2011 ajna offensive]
asvapresence of absence[2011 important]
barn owl + jefre cantu-ledesmalive at levee berlin[may 2011]
barn owl & the infinite strings ensemblethe headlands[2011 important]
ben frostlive at berghain berlin[feb 2011]
bohren and der club of gorebeileid ep[2011 ipecac]
charlemagne palestinelive at tuned city tallinn[july 2011]
corruptedgarten der unbewusstheit[2011 cold ashes]
crippled black phoenixlive at festsaal kreuzberg berlin[may 2011]
cut handsafro noise 1[2011 very friendly/susan lawly]
diamanda galaslive at wundergrund copenhagen[oct 2011]
earthangels of darkness, demons of light I[2011 southern lord]
elehradiant intervals[2011 important]
eliane radiguetransamorem, transmortem[2011 important]
ellen fullmanthrough glass panes[2011 important]
evan caminitiwhen california falls into the sea 12″[2011 handmade birds]
falls of raurosthe light that dwells in rotten wood[2011 bindrune]
lasse marhauglive at wundergrund copenhagen[nov 2011]
master musicians of bukkakelive at festsaal kreuzberg berlin[may 2011]
mika vainiolife (… it eats you up)[2011 editions mego]
motion sickness of time traveldreamcatcher cs[2011 hobo cult records]
oneohtrix point neverreplica[2011 software]
pharaoh overlordout of darkness[2011 ektro]
pj harveylet england shake[2011 island]
the skull defects feat. daniel higgspeer amid[2011 thrill jockey]
thomas ankersmitlive at tuned city tallinn[july 2011]
tim heckerravedeath 1972[2011 kranky]
trevor wisharttalk and concert at DIEM aarhus[dec 2011]
various artistsbrass pins & match heads: international 78s[2011 mississippi]
valerio tricoli & thomas ankersmitforma II[2011 pan-act]
wolves in the throne roomcelestial lineage[2011 southern lord]


Three Instruments Dec 2011

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When people ask me “so what do you do?” these days, I usually reply that I build musical instruments that no-one has ever seen before. And then I teach myself how to play them. The benefit of this is that, if nobody has ever seen the instrument played before, they have no way to tell you you are playing it badly!

During my last couple weeks in Aarhus, I worked on three small instruments with various degrees of success.


I have always loved Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Instrument-a-Day project, so when time came to bring a small, throw-away gift for the traditional Danish Julefrokost at DIEM, I took an hour to whip up this lakrits-box kalimba. The keys are made from streetsweeper bristles found in the gutter. I have no idea who ended up with it.


Quite a few of these SoundBoxes have been rolling out of my studio lately. This one in particular was made for my friend KT, and was played at the 09.12 gig with Krishve. It has a sound-responsive silver-lining, so to speak. Some really incredible drones happen when using the spring-reverb-contact-mic, and I’ll be posting a sound-video soon of what that is like.


Slightly more complicated than the previous two, this is my attempt to clone a Serge Gator synthesizer module, mainly using circuit boards provided by Ken Stone. The Boolean Logic and Pulse Divider sections work perfectly fine, the Divide-by-N Comparator section works about half-way, and the VC TimeGen Clock section doesn’t really function at all yet. However, I ran out of time so the next free moment to look at this will be in mid-January when I return to Berlin from Helsinki. Expect updates and sounds then…

Current Location:

Happy New Year from south-east Estonia!!!

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ättestupabegraven mot norr[2010]
barn owllost in the glare[2011]
barn owlshadowland[2011]
sunn o)) + nurse with woundthe iron soul of nothing[2008]

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Aarhus Wrapup

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DKJ and Splab present an evening of esoteric drones, nonlinear distortion and time travel:
MACUMBISTA (us/de) vs KRISHVE (dk)
20:00 Friday 09 December 2011 * SPLAB Mejlgade 32 – 34, 8000 Århus C * *
with thanks to det jyske musikkonservatorium

The Wrapup

After four months of a lovely little house, a good studio and a decent paycheck (all in the same city!!!), the jig is up in a few short weeks. By the time my residency here in Aarhus concludes, I will have done 5 workshops, played 5 concerts, built more than a half dozen sound boxes and a couple synthesizer modules, produced one sound-video and recorded more hours of synthesizer improvisations than I will ever have time to edit.

Here’s Tore “Origami” Boe, mi amigo noruego and proud owner of a brand new SoundBox during his evening for DJM/DIEM:

I leave Aarhus on 21 December, spend a few short days in Berlin and leave almost immediately for Riga, Mooste, Tartu, Tallinn and Helsinki. I had initially planned to do one more Rainforest piece here in Aarhus before I left, but it had to be postponed until the spring. So I will do an informal improvisation with Krishve at SPLAB as a going-away of sorts. Wish us luck and see you all in 2012!!!

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aluk todoloordre[2011 ajna offensive]
asvapresence of absence[2011]
bonnie prince billywolfroy goes to town[2011 domino]
corruptedgarten der unbewusstheit[2011]
falls of raurosthe light that dwells in rotten wood[2011]
king midas soundwaiting for you[2009]
kinit herdivine names[2010 brave mysteries]
leviathantrue traitor, true whore[2011 profound lore]
oneohtrix point neverreplica[2011 software]
pharaoh overlordout of darkness[2011 ektro]
the skull defects feat. daniel higgs2013-3012[2011 thrill jockey]
the skull defects feat. daniel higgspeer amid[2011 thrill jockey]
wolves in the throne roomcelestial lineage[2011]

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[video] TONEWHEELS at Multiplace Fest, Brno

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DEREK HOLZER (US/DE) – MULTIPLACE OPENING 2. 5. 2011 from Fórum 4AM on Vimeo.

Vzhledem k vývoji celého vystoupení doporučuji všem vizuálně naladěným divákům zhlédnout především druhou polovinu klipu.

“Derek Holzer se v projektu Tonewheels inspiruje pionýrskými díly elektronické hudby 20. století (ANS Syntetizér, Variophone, Oramic systém).” Vyrobil

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barn owl + jefre cantu-ledesmalive at the levee, berlin
crippled black phoenix + master musicians of bukakkelive at festsaal kreuzberg, berlin
danica dakicisola bella[video, 2006-7]
evan caminitiwhen california falls into the sea 12″[2011 handmade birds]
leatherfacethe stormy petrel[2010 big ugly fish]

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Regenwald2011/ClubTransmediale photos

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bohren and der club of gorebeileid ep[2011 ipecac]
chief commander ebenezer obey & his international bros.-miliki sound[1973 decca]
expo 70death voyage[2010 dead pilot]
john macedochaotic analog synthesis #1[2011 the black plume][thx john!]
moussa doumbiakeleya: malian funk of the 1970s[2006 oriki]
various artistsbrass pins & match heads: international 78s[2011 mississippi]
various artistsivory coast soul: afro funk & soul in abidjan 1972-82[2010 hot casa]
various artiststhose shocking shaking days: indonesian funk 1970-78[2010 now-again]

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Hotels of Northern Europe

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Yes indeed I have been traveling and working almost nonstop since the start of the Year. A quick rundown of my activities:

09-15 Jan 2011 – Mechanical Sound Instruments workshop, TAIK University of Art and Design, Helsinki FI

Workshop = awesome! Design students built Arduino-powered electro-acoustic instruments like this one below. I’ll be editing video docs I made in Helsinki soon.

Electro-Acoustic Musical Instrument from Palash on Vimeo.

Hotel room = passable. Töölö Towers is the University’s home for wandering academics, with a very institutional vibe, spotty wifi coverage and full length mirrors for me to shoot very serious-looking self portraits in…

18-21 Jan 2011 – Tuned City: sound+space workshop, Estonian Academy of Arts Media Dept, Tallinn EE

Workshop = 5.5 out of 10. I’m still figuring out what kind of tools are necessary to crack the shells of the Estonian oysters. After some prodding, most of the students really gave their best in making and discussing the recordings. One girl Facebooked and texted the entire workshop until I pointed out that her computer was “broken” and she’d be better off at home.

Hotel = decent. Maneezi house, guestrooms of the Estonian Arts Academy, has everything you would ever want in a post-Soviet flat…a long flight of stairs, some heavy metal doors, a warm radiator and even running water.

01-05 Feb 2011 — Regenwald2011 workshop+installation, West Germany/Club Transmediale, Berlin DE

Workshop = mostly good. Trying to wrangle seven very different artistic personalities into one piece in only five days is never easy. I have decided that giving them less freedom rather than more is the only solution. The audience response to the piece, on the other hand, was quite positive and enthusiastic.

Hotel = not applicable. One of the longest stretches I’ve been able to sleep in my own bed in ages!!!

07-11 Feb 2011 – Field Recording workshop, Royal Music Conservatory, Aarhus DK

Workshop = one of the best! Very high level of capabilities by these composition students at the Electronic Music department there. I gave them one hour to take three random one-minute field recordings from their neighbor and make a short piece out of them, and they all pulled it off! And that was only one of the exercises. If only every group I taught had their shit so together.

Hotel = comical. The Cabinn is a concept hotel, they told me. As near as I can figure, the concept was to make the hotel room itself as much like the sleeping couchette on an overnight train as possible.

A few weeks later I saw an exhibition of living/working spaces by French-Israeli artist Absalon at the KW Berlin. Made to the measure of his own body, and likely inspired by the fact that most of the artist’s short life was spent in the Israeli military, the constructions impressed me as the ideal prototype of future dehumanizing architecture for the 21st Century.

12-14 Feb 2011 – Tuned City:sound+space, Estonian Academy of Arts Architecture Dept, Tallinn EE

Workshop: another five and a half. The concept here was to teach architects to experience urban space through sound, and this worked pretty well. The students brought in recordings of various spaces around Tallinn for us to listen to and analyze. My mistake was in giving them “homework” for the last day. Despite assurances from everyone that they had time and energy to do it, only two came back the next day.

Also during this week I braved the -25C weather to investigate some locations for next summer’s Tuned City event, such as the lobby of the Linnahall, a disused auditorium/ice rink constructed for the 1980 Olympic games.

Hotel: deceptively posh. Somehow I was taken in by the spacious rooms, tall windows, tacky wallpaper and inoffensive framed prints of the Old Town Maestro. Until I realized that the strip-club-disco downstairs wouldn’t stop the party until 7am.

23-27 Feb 2011 – Neanderthal Electronics, NK Project, Berlin DE

Workshop = can I call this an 8? What should have been a warm homecoming was dampened by some kind of breakdown in publicity. The three guys that did show up for the workshop kicked some serious ass though, and made really nice boxes which they played the following Monday for the Experimontag at Madame Claude. Photos and such soon.

Hotel = forget it! I locked the door to my flat and stayed in bed for three whole days when all this was over.

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ben frostlive at berghain, berlin 24.02.11
earthangels of darkness, demons of light I[2011 southern lord]
elehradiant intervals[2011 important]
flower travellin’ bandanywhere[1970 philips]
tim heckerravedeath 1972[2011 kranky]

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30 x 2010

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barn owlancestral star[2010 thrill jockey]
bastard noisea culture of monsters[2010 deep six]
burzumbelus[2010 byelobog productions]
crippled black phoenixi, vigilante[2010 invada]
deathspell omegaparacletus[2010 season of mist]
dispiritrehearsal at oboroten cs[2010]
drudkhhandful of stars[2010 season of mist]
elehrepose[2010 touch]
emeraldsdoes it look like i’m here?[2010 editions mego]
expo 70the vanishing world within[2010 sonic meditations]
grailsblack tar prophecies vol iv[2010 important]
heckerneu[2010 editions mego]
jana winderenenergy field[2010 touch]
jon muellerthe whole[2010 type]
keith fullerton whitmanvariations for oud and synthesizer 7″[2010 no label]
kevin drummnecro acoustic 5cd box[2010 picadisk]
kiss the anus of a black cathewers of wood and drawers of water[2010 zeal]
loscilendless falls[2010 kranky]
oneohtrix point neverreturnal[2010 editions mego]
pan sonicgravitoni[2010 blast first]
robin foxa handful of automation[2010 editions mego]
silvester anfang iicommune cassetten lp[2010 blackest rainbow]
starkweatherthis sheltering night[2010 deathwish inc]
swansmy father will guide me up a rope to the sky[2010 young god][pictured]
thomas ankersmitlive in utrecht[2010 ash international]
various artiststo scratch your heart: early recordings from istanbul[2010 honest jons]
watainlawless darkness[2010 season of mist]
woven handthe threshingfloor[2010 glitterhouse]
yellow swansbeing there+going places[2010 type]
zaimphcoast to coast c40[2010 gift tapes]

Happy 2011!!!!


Neanderthal SoundBoxes @ NK Project Berlin (27-28.11.10)

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From all those sweaters, you should get a pretty good idea just how cold it is here in Berlin right now! Photos by Julien Percy (NK) and Kyd Campbell (TinyNoise), video by Cy Lixe. Thanks to all the participants, it was awesome!

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daniel higgslive in berlin[29.11.10 madame claude/experimontag]
deathspell omegaparacletus[2010 season of mist]
kiss the anus of a black cathewers of wood and drawers of water[2010 zeal]
wolves in the throne roomlive in berlin[24.11.10 cassiopeia]
woven handthe threshingfloor[2010 glitterhouse]

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