Various tracks (released and unreleased), field recordings and electronics experiments from 2003 to the present.

Compilation Tracks

Derek Holzer-Untitled [boiler room] by macumbista

Multichannel recording of furnace in Karosta, Latvia (January 2003), processed shortwave radio in Mooste, Estonia (September 2004). Released as part of Untitled Songs: 49 Years from Gesang der J√ľnglinge 2005-1956 2xCD compilation by Sirr.ecords in 2005.

Derek holzer-metallophone drift by macumbista

Burmese gongs, ice field recording, mixer feedback. Recorded 30 July 2005, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Released as part of the Connected Dots.Connected Ideas compilation CD on the Frozen Elephants Music label, 2007.

Macumbista-hollow space capacitance discharge by macumbista

Japanese temple bell belonging to Jeroen Beets recorded 19 December 2006 @ STEIM, Amsterdam. Analog synthesizer recorded 2006-7, Berlin. Mixed 11-14 November 2007 @ RSS82, Berlin. Released as part of the {Autumn Soundscapes} collection on the Madorla netlabel, 2008.

Formanta Drone [surface noise] by macumbista

An older track from 2003, but one that I still appreciate. It uses the sample-and-hold noise-driven LFO of a Soviet-era Formanta EMS-01 synthesizer, digitally cross-bred with the surface noise at the end of a scratchy old Russian vinyl. Reflecting on this piece, I can see the start of a deep interest in automatic, generative and self-modulating processes taking shape. Thanks to Maksim Borisov for use of his amazing electronic museum piece! Originally released as part of the Karosta Project.

Electronics Experiments

Derek holzer-matrix events(skinned teeth) by macumbista

Self-made 8×8 matrix mixer, Cwejman/Analogue Systems/Doepfer oscillators, digital delay, joystick control voltage, mixer feedback. Recorded with a case of mild food poisoning (thus the “skinned teeth” feeling) January 25th, 2009. Unreleased.

Macumbista Mini demo #1 by macumbista

This demo is an edit of three settings from the Macumbista Mini synthesizer: The Mac Mini uses two cross-modulated Voltage Controlled Slopes through an Analog Logic module and a pair of Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filters. Feedback from the audio mixer is returned to the control section of the VCS modules. Unreleased.

Sveta Troitsa, Bansko, Bulgaria

01.i.hadjipopov+g.pitsin-klepalo by macumbista

02.i.hadjipopov-bells by macumbista

03.g.pitsin-bells by macumbista

04.b.hadjipopov-bells by macumbista

Field recordings of the church bells of Sveta Troitsa, Bansko, Bulgaria, played by Ivan Todorov Hadjipopov, George Lazarov Pitsin and Boris Ivanov Hadjipopov, 27 December, 2009. For more info on these recordings, see this page.

All recordings can be shared under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.