Lost in Transit

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I’m currently waiting to see if Scandinavian Airlines can locate the suitcase containing my synthesizer, misplaced somewhere between Bergen, Norway and Aalborg, Denmark on Tuesday morning. After 36 hours a kind of delirium sets in, thinking about two and a half years of (uninsured) work floating around out there somewhere in the world.

Is it a sign I shouldn’t have brought such a precious thing out of the house? Or maybe just a sign I am traveling too much?

I saw quite a few lake-forest-and-mountain-view cabins around Norway that I wouldn’t have minded settling down in with that very synth, a pair of Genelec speakers, some tape to record onto and maybe a spare change of clothing for the next year or two. Someone please tell me how to follow those dreams!

Or at least tell me where my goddamned electronics are…

EDIT: SAS finally did tell me where my electronics are, and I should be reunited with them shortly as of morning of 21 Oct. Leaving this entry up as a snapshot of my mental processes…

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Activities in October (SE, HU, NO, DK)

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Oct 4-8Neanderthal Electronics workshop, Nordic Sound Academy, Malmö SE
Oct 8, 19:00Neanderthal Electronics presentation/concert, Nordic Sound Academy, Malmö SE
Workshop limited to students of Nordic Sound Academy, presentation/concert open to the public
Venue: Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Oct 9, 21:00Macumbista performance, UH Fest, Budapest HU
Info: www.fest2010.uh.hu
Venue: Merlin, Gerlóczy utca 4, Budapest

Oct 11-16Regenskog/Rainforest workshop, Piksel, Bergen NO
Oct 15-16Regenskog/Rainforest installation/performance, Piksel, Bergen NO
Info: www.piksel.no/2010/09/regnskog-bergen-kjott
Workshop by invitation only, guests welcome to visit. Installation/performance open to the public as follows:
– Friday evening from 20:00
– Saturday afternoon 14:00-18:00
– Saturday evening 20:00-23:00
Venue: Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1, Bergen

Oct 21-23Neanderthal Electronics workshop, Apparat, Ålborg DK
Oct 23 20:00Macumbista performance, Apparat, Ålborg DK
Workshop registration via APPARAT
Info: www.apparatlab.dk/2010
Performance venue: Platform 4, Rapsgade 4, Ålborg

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Neanderthal Electronics Aalborg, DK 20-23 October 2010

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We are happy to announce the first confirmed artist for APPARAT.

Those in love with the art of sounds (and noise ! ) can already count the days until Derek Holzer (US) arrives to Aalborg. HIs main profile is precisely the studies of noise and its art-tech application. Holzer will run a four-days long workshop under the title Neanderthal Electronics where the participants will construct their own personal analog synthesizers and in the end they will collaborate in a public performance. During this workshop both simple-primitive/found objects and modern devices (capacitors, transistors, LEDs, sensors and different audio inputs etc) will be applied in order to achieving the perfect and very personal sound environment.

Beside leading the noise-workshop Holzer will perform himself as well. A solo and improvised performance will be presented by him and a bunch of analog sound equipment.

Please note that pre-registering is required for the workshop. More info on this to come.

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