TONEWHEELS in CZ, FR, SoundBoxes in ES


02.May.2011Multiplace Festival, Brno CZ
03.May.2011Školská 28, Prague CZ
07.May.2011Fête01, Orléans FR

SoundBoxes Workshop

09-10 June.2011Proximos Festival, Tenerife, Canary Islands ES

Descubre las escondidas calidades sonicas de los objetos de la vida cotidiana en estos dos días de taller, combinando las artes de la electrónica, ruidismo, escultura y collage. Los elementos básicos del taller serán una caja de madera, un altavoz, un pequeño amplificador y un micrófono de contacto (piezo). A todo esto lo mas atrevidos podrán añadir sus propios objetos, gráfica personalizada, imágenes, memorias e ideas para crear una única caja de ruido electro acústica.


Other News

A friend of mine was murdered here in Berlin last week. Up to now, I believed this to be one of the safest cities I have ever lived in. She will be missed. Ladies, if your country doesn’t allow you to carry a handgun, please learn kung-fu.

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2 Responses to “TONEWHEELS in CZ, FR, SoundBoxes in ES”

  1. Paul P Says:

    very sorry to hear about your friend. we all think its one, if not the most safe capital cities in the world. thats terrible. im a member of the salon bruit verein. weve met before. i nearly did one of your workshops. have u ever done a workshop in ireland?

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Paul, thanks for the kind words. I did a couple workshops in Northern Ireland, and had some Dublin stuff lined up last time as well but then got my call to hit the immigration office here so I had to cancel. Would love to later on though! Best, D.