WolfTone SoundBox

This WolfTone SoundBox was completed tonight for Canadian sound artist Christof Migone. It contains a children’s toy voice-changer circuit which has been modified to include three switches and six touchpoints which interactively modify the sound, 9V battery/DC jack power, a line-level/headphone output, a backlit transparent speaker and an interior lined with handmade Japanese paper. A detachable condenser microphone provides the input to the circuit, which can be either the performer’s voice or feedback from the speaker.

See below for a demo of the first prototype circuit. I have materials to build four more of these on request, please inquire at MACUMBISTA at the domain GMAIL dot COM. And thank you for your kindly attention.

WolfToneBox Demo from macumbista on Vimeo.

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  1. Denny Says:

    This is amazing!