Video: Live @ Die Remise, Berlin 1 Mar 2009

Derek Holzer Live @ Die Remise, Berlin 1 Mar 2009 from macumbista on Vimeo.

I was once told by my Butoh teacher, Joan Laage, that there is much more life in darkness than we take for granted. Turn over any stone in the garden and you will find a million living things twisting about, crawling over one another and skittering across the earth–all driven by the basest instinct to escape the light.

An improvised exploration of self-modulating synthesizer feedback. During the soundcheck, one of my Doepfer modules actually caught fire. The first thing which the audience encountered when descending into the small basement of Die Remise was the smell of burnt plastic.

Burned Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper module

To those in Berlin: if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy an evening of dinner+concert at Die Remise, I can highly recommend it. Excellent food and great atmosphere. A nice change from the usual smelly bars and squats or sterile white cube galleries.

Video: Pippa Buchanan/Edits: DH

My apologies for the poor audio recording quality. If someone has a small video camera with a proper line/mic input they would like to give up, please let me know!

ps…pls let me know if you get crappy framerate with this clip, I’m still working out my settings for Vimeo…

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