50 that did it in 2009

Almost too late for making “best of” lists now. Nostalgia for the old year is running dry and it’s high time to get on with the new. So, for what it’s worth, here’s 50 releases that did it for me in 2009.

aluk todolofinsternis[2009 v2]
anthony pateras & robin foxend of daze[2009 editions mego]
barn owlfrom our mouths a perpetual light[2009 digitalis](***pictured above***)
baronessblue record[2009 relapse]
ben frostby the throat[2009 bedroom community]
bodychokecold river songs[1996/2009 relapse reissue]
bohren und der club of gorelatitudes[2009 southern]
coalesceox[2009 relapse]
daniel higgshymnprovisations for banjo by the A.I.U. with piano and raindrops[2009 ideal]
drudkhmicrocosmos[2009 season of mist]
elehretreat lp[2009 important]
eliane radiguevice versa, etc….[2009 important]
elmnemcatacoa[2009 digitalis]
emeraldsemeralds[2009 hanson]
evan caminitidigging the void[2009 students of decay]
expo ’70psychic funeral 2×3″cdr[2009 ruralfauna]
greymachinedisconnected[2009 hydra head]
habsyllMMVIII [2009 psycheDOOMelic]
heckeracid in the style of david tudor[2009 editions mego]
hildur gudnadottirwithout sinking [2009 touch]
isiswavering radiant [2009 ipecac]
jana winderenheated[2009 touch]
jason crumerwalk with me[2009 misanthropic agenda]
john wiesecircle snare[2009 no fun]
josh layheirophant[2009 sentient recognition archive]
kevin drummimperial horizon[2009 hospital productions]
kinit herglyms or beame of radicall truthes[2009 hinterzimmer]
kk null/john wiesemondo paradoxa[2009 aufabwegen]
lightning boltearthly delights[2009 load]
merzbow13 japanese birds series(vols 1-12)[2009 important]
mika vainio & lucio capecetrahnie[2009 editions mego]
mika vainioaineen musta puhelin/black telephone of matter[2009 touch]
mudboymort aux vaches[2009 staalplaat]
nate youngregression[2009 ideal recordings]
natural snow buildingsdaughter of darkness[2009 blackest rainbow]
nicholas szczepanikthe chiasmus[2009 basses frequences]
omgod is good[2009 southern lord]
oneohtrix point neverrifts[2009 no fun]
oren ambarchia final kiss on poisoned cheeks vinyl[2009 table of elements]
our love will destroy the worldstillborn plague angels vinyl[2009 dekorder]
pan sonic & keiji hainoshall i download a blackhole and offer it to you[2009 blast first petitie]
peter wrightan angel fell where the kestrel hover[2009 spekk]
phill niblocktouch strings[2009 touch]
prurientrose pillar 11″[2009 heartworm]
stephan mathieuthe key to the kingdom 7″[2009 dekorder]
tiny viperslife on earth[2009 sub pop]
wolf eyesalways wrong[2009 hospital productions]
wolves in the throne roomblack cascade[2009 southern lord]
yogamegafauna[2009 holy mountain]
z’evsum things[2009 cold spring]

Coming soon: dates in New York, Pure Data book sprint, Helsinki workshops, new Particlechamber, analog synthesizer updates and everything else that’s so long overdue.


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