Live @ UH Fest mp3

Although this sounds absolutely nothing like what people in the room actually experienced, I’m posting this mixing desk recording of my set at the UH Fest just to give an idea. Get ready for slooooooow development…

Now Playing

en-the absent coast[2010 root strata]
expo 70-where does your mind go[2010 immune]
jazkamer-failed state of mind[2010 pica disk]
locrian-territories[2010 at war with false noise]
merzbow+z’ev-spiral left/spiral right[2010 cold spring]
mv & ee-bollywoe[2010 child of microtone]
seth nehil-tracing the skins of clouds[1998 orogenetics]
sun araw-on patrol[2010 not not fun]
supersilent-10[2010 rune grammofon]
supersilent-11[2010 rune grammofon]
the fun years-god was like, no[2010 barge]

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One Response to “Live @ UH Fest mp3”

  1. Dominik Tresowski Says:

    wonderful, derek!!! cu, dominik