Updated Doepfer/Analogue Systems/Eurorack sale

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Still available:

Doepfer Pocket Control 16 knob MIDI controller, early version with black/blue paint and yellow lettering SOLD
Doepfer A-128 Fixed Filter Bank  SOLD
Doepfer A-135 Voltage Controlled Mixer SOLD
Doepfer A-175 Voltage Inverter SOLD
Doepfer A-198 TRC Trautonium Ribbon Controller SOLD
Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb SOLD
Doepfer A-174-1 Joy-Stick SOLD
Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper SOLD
Doepfer A-138 Mixer (exp) SOLD
Doepfer A-100P6 Suitcase 220V SOLD
Dual Lag Processor (DIY Livewire Dual Bissel Generator) SOLD
Dual Lag Processor (DIY Livewire Dual Bissel Generator SOLD
Dual Tonepad Rebote Delay (DIY digital delay) SOLD
Dual Tonepad Rebote Delay (DIY digital delay) SOLD
Assortment of Patch Cables 11 x 25cm (black), 7 x 50cm (gray), 9 x 75cm (red) SOLD
Analogue Systems RS-30 Frequency To Voltage Converter/Envelope Follower SOLD
Analogue Systems RS-40 Noise / Sample & Hold / Clock SOLD
Set of 31 undrilled blank aluminum panels SOLD

This Eurorack system is located in Berlin, Germany. All modules are in perfect condition unless noted, and all modules are fully functional. Prices do not include shipping, I will send a quote for that once we have agreed on what you would like to buy. I would be happy to show the system to anyone in town, or make additional photos for those in other cities/countries. I can offer a discount to anyone purchasing several modules at once, and the best price would be for the entire remaining system. This page will be updated to include any changes in availability or pricing.

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3 Responses to “Updated Doepfer/Analogue Systems/Eurorack sale”

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  2. marcin Says:

    finally had some time to reqd your blog and i found it quite interesting.

    great to see that you have all that stuff sold.
    sorry for the hassle on those blank panels :)

  3. admin Says:

    No problem, I got rid of them almost the next day!