Tiny Noise showcase/TodaysArt, Den Haag 25 September 2010

Tiny Noise showcase/TodaysArt
subject = LOUDNESS

De Vinger, Bagijnestraat 25
Den Haag 25 September 2010

Andre Goncalvez [PT]
Derek Holzer [USA/DE]
John Fanning/Massaccesi[USA]
Koray Tahiroglu [TU/FI]
Kyd Campbell [CAN/DE]
DJ Toni Dimitrov/Every Kid on Speed[MK]

Looking forward to the chance to do another chaotic synth-controlled strobe piece here. Thanks to Kyd for hooking the whole deal up!

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g.i. gurdjieffmeetings with remarkable men book [1963]
starkweatherthis sheltering night[2010 deathwish inc]
throneslate for dinner 7″[2010 conspiracy]

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