Macumbista Instruments Update June/July 2020

There have been some big changes for me in the last few months, and soon I will be moving to Stockholm to begin a PhD focused on recreating historical synthesizers used in Sweden during the 1960’s and 70’s. Before I move, I will do one last batch of instruments in July, to be shipped by mid-August.

If you have any interest in one of the following instruments, please get in touch by email to before Monday 06 July.

Macumbista Benjolin V5

The original Rob Hordijk Benjolin with some special modifications. They are licensed by agreement with Hordijk and lovingly hand made.

EUR 565 (incl. 19% EU VAT) / EUR 475 (for customers outside the EU), plus shipping costs.

Macumbista Butterfly Benjolin V3

A double Benjolin with extensive cross-modulation possibilities including the ability to clock both Rungler control voltage generators from the same source.

EUR 1065 (incl. 19% EU VAT) / EUR 895 (shipped outside the EU), plus shipping costs.

Macumbista FuzzTone SoundBox

A battery-powered, 1 Watt amplifier with Germanium transistor feedback and circuit bending touchpoints.

EUR 225 (incl. 19% EU VAT) / EUR 190 (shipped outside the EU) plus shipping.

A 50% deposit will be required to secure your order. All instruments ship from Helsinki, Finland.

This will be the final batch of instruments I sell within the foreseeable future. So if you have considered ordering something, now is the time to do it. Unfortunately, I do not have time for any custom work, nor for other instruments not on this list.

I wish you safety, health, and well-being during these wild times.

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