12 Meter Power Chord at Styx Project Space Berlin

Interior, Styx Project Space

12 Meter Power Chord — an installation/performance at Styx Project Space Berlin

Sound is a physical phenomenon. Three strings resonate at intervals to each other and activate the architecture they remain tensed across. But sound is also a cultural phenomenon. Three strings tuned at specific mathematical ratios create the infamous power chord–the signature sound of heavy metal guitar. “12 Meter Power Chord” walks the tightrope between the phenomenological and intellectual aspects of sound and space by sonifying the intervals found in the architectural space of the gallery using piano wire.

“12 Meter Power Chord” runs as an acoustic installation from 7-28 November 2008, with amplified live performances for the opening and finissage, 7 & 28 November, 19:00-22:00.

Other artists showing are SIX, with his “Pervateen” photo series, and Sue de Beer with stills from her “Hans und Grete” video.

STYX project space
Old Brewery Friedrichshöhe (2nd floor)
Landsberger Allee 54
10249 Berlin

Derek Holzer [USA 1972] is a sound artist working in Europe since 1999 with a background in radio, webstreaming and environmental sound recording. His installation and performance works focus on the creation of new kinds of sound-producing instruments, using digital synthesis, analog electronics and acoustic physics. These instruments work to uncover the hidden resonances in the objects and spaces around us.This approach could be considered an acoustic version of particle physics or genetics, because the idea remains the same–in the smallest details you will find a representation of the greater whole.

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