Piksel + Eyes for Ears

Piksel08 – Code Dreams – Bergen, Norway 4-7 Dec 2008

I’ll be performing at the Piksel festival in Bergen on Thursday, 4 December. I attended Piksel a few years ago, and found that while it was an interesting gathering of minds, their public interface needed a bit of work. As in: when you have a general audience interested to see some performances, don’t geek out and show them your source code headers for a half hour!!!! They will vaporize! There’s always an interesting tension between those that position themselves as developers and those that position themselves as artists at these things. The same developers seem to return to Piksel year after year, but the artists…well…. so I’m interested to see if their way of engaging the public has improved since 2005, and whether the developers have managed to incorporate any sense of aesthetics into their often-times hideously ugly software demos yet ;-)


How does code dream? What are the dreams of code?

Piksel08 examines the other side of code, an alternative side to a hard-coded reality of work and play. Open hardware and free software project a utopic vision, yet exist within economies of capital, the dream factory of mainstream technology. Within the chance meeting of sewing machine and umbrella on the dissecting table, hardware and software are flattened.

Piksel08: code dreams explores the dreams of this soft machine; bachelors coding for pleasure, reverse engineering paranoiac constructs of the real, automatic coding practice, soft hardware, and everyday magic.

Eyes for Ears

On returning from Piksel, I have a date with Jerome Pirot, aka Eyes for Ears, who will come from Paris to Berlin to shoot one of his fantastic “macro-vision” videos of my TONEWHEELS set. Check some of his eye candy below:

cuT_09 from Eyes_For_Ears on Vimeo. Vincent Epplay

cuT_20 from Eyes_For_Ears on Vimeo. Arnaud Rivière

cuT_23 from Eyes_For_Ears on Vimeo. Valentina Vuksic

Post-scriptum: 12 Meter Power Chord

Video documentation in the works for the 12 Meter Power Chord performance and installation, and will be posted here soon. I will perform the installation again on Friday 28 November with Monno drummer and Stupidity member Marc Fantini. Noise should get rolling around 20:00 that night. Bring offerings of fir sprigs, oak branches and sheep’s bowels to send the amplifier spirits home happily.

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