Soundbox One

Freshly made this evening for tomorrow’s journey to Hungary and the sound workshops that will happen there–the speaker box that is, not the little blue noise-synth, which was made in Norway last year. The reference to my Norwegian brother down South, Tore “Origami” Boe and his Acoustic Laptops is obvious. Testing with a contact mic and a distortion pedal produced amazingly rich and textured feedback possibilities!

Speaking of Boe, here’s a video from the workshop I invited him to do in Berlin in the summer of 2009 as part of the summercampworkstation project. Enjoy…

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One Response to “Soundbox One”

  1. marcin Says:

    I am keen on almost all of the Origami mutations for 12 years or so… Never been disappointed or bored, especially with Arktika releases. Tore’s acoustic laptops made me assembling one for myself, and now i am just wondering how to “mechanize” the junk inside with wome kind of servo motors :)