CTM Fest Berlin

[Macumbista modular at CTM Touch night via CTM Fest Twitter]

I had the chance to rescue an artist whose work I appreciate immensely last night at the CTM Festival, when his gear ended up in Tel Aviv instead of Berlin. I knew I kept this heavy metal monster around for some reason….

All in all, it was a wonderful festival. Personal highlights include Chris Salter’s Just Noticeable Difference installation, Anke Eckhardt’s Between You and Me, Supersilent + Stian Westerhus vs Joshua Light Show, two works and a talk by one of my hugest inspirations Eliane Radigue and of course the entire Touch Spire closing evening program.

Big thanks to CTM organizers and artists for an awesome week!

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2 Responses to “CTM Fest Berlin”

  1. eliska Says:

    just had a dream about u 2day,, that u are helping natural birth’s giving ,-) regards from Pha :))

  2. Luka Says:

    Ahh – i though i recognised your work. Noticed this on facebook :) ctm festival was great. My favourites were ben frost and christian vogel.