2007 playlists wrapped up

Dale Lloyd from and/OAR records wrote to me this week, asking again for a best-of list for 2007. Long lists of records tend to be long and boring (and mine is very, very long!), satisfaction only for the completists looking to tick off the little boxes. In 2007 I found that my unique, real-life experiences were far more interesting than disposable plastic discs or bits passed down a wire. To me at least.

Personal Best 2007

1) Kevin Drumm: live @ Maria, Berlin
2) Birchville Cat Motel, Antoine Chessex, Jazkammer & Burial Chamber Trio: live @ Club Transmediale, Berlin
3) Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival: multiple editions, multiple locations, Berlin
4) Finally seeing the documentary on Swiss “actionist” Roman Signer (“Signers Koffer-Unterwegs mit Roman Signer“)
5) Vowing to get rid of the laptop in my live sets this past year (almost there!)
6) Opening for KTL in Paris, and Paris in general which wasn’t nearly as snobby as I was led to believe…
7) Pickled Feet DIY electronics workshops, Berlin
8) Self-made analog synth modules, hell yeah!
9) The Buchla synthesizer at EMS, Stockholm
10) Art & Music with the Overhead Projector festival/workshop, Cologne
11) Daniel Higgs: live @ Maria, Berlin
12) Keiji Haino murdering PanSonic: live @ Volksbuhne, Berlin
13) Stephan Mathieu‘s collection of 78 rpm records
14) Abominations: tour through the Northern Darkness of Sweden and home again to Berlin

And now the records, in no particular order save alphabetical. Long time friends here will see that it is a summary of my “Now Playing” reports of the last 12 months. Release dates remain unimportant to me, only that I (re)experienced these little packets of sound sometime during 2007, and they left an impression on me.

Now Playing 2007

1349Hellfire (Candlelight)
A.M.Orla (Ikuisuus)
Alhaji K FrimpongKyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu (cassette rip via Awesome Tapes from Africa)
Antoine ChessexSilences (Tanzprocess CDR)
AssückAnticapital/Blindspot (Sound Pollution)
Birchville Cat MotelBirds Call Home Their Dead (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Birchville Cat MotelSeventh Ruined Hex (Important Records)
Birchville Cat Motel with Anla CourtisThree Sparkling Echos (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
BJNilsenThe Short Night (Touch)
BJNilsen & StilluppsteypaDrykkjuvísur Ohljódanna (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
BJNilsen, Stiluppsteypa & Hildur GudnadottirSecond Childhood (Quecksilber)
Black FlagWho’s Got the 10 1/2? (SST)
Bolz’nSpalt>Funktion 12″ (React with Protest)
Burial Chamber TrioBurial Chamber Trio (Southern Lord)
Burning Star CoreBlood Lightning (No Fun Productions)
Burning Star CoreOperator Dead… Post Abandoned (No Quarter)
CircleKatapult (No Quarter)
CircleTyrant (Latitudes)
CoffinsThe Other Side of Blasphemy (20 Buck Spin)
CorruptedVasana 7″ (HG Fact Japan)
CourtisLos Alamos (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Crossed Out1990-1994 (Slap a Ham)
Daniel HiggsAtomic Yggdrasil Tarot (Thrilljockey)
Daniel MencheBeast Resonator (Roggbif)
Daniel MencheBleeding Heavens (Blossoming Noise)
Daniel MencheFurnace Fucker (cassette via Daniel Menche blog)
Deathspell OmegaFas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum (Ajna Offensive)
DropdeadDiscography 1991-1993 (Selfless)
EarthHibernaculum (Southern Lord)
Elaine RadigueJetsun Mila (Lovely Music)
Electric WizardWitchcult Today (Candlelight Records)
G.I. GurdjieffHarmonic Development – the complete harmonium recordings (Basta Music)
Glory Fckn SunVision Scorched (PseudoArcana)
GrailsBurning Off the Impurities(Temporary Residence)
Greg Malcolm & Tetuzi AkiyamaSix Strings (Brombron)
Grey Daturas & Yellow SwansCopper/Silver (Olde English Spelling Bee)
HawkwindSpace Ritual (Caroline)
JazkamerBalls the Size of Texas Liver the Size of Brazil (Purplesoil)
JesuConqueror (Hydrahead)
jgrzinichrudiment of two (Editions Sonore)
Joe Colley, Jessica Rylan and Kevin DrummPure (Musica Excentrica)
John FaheySea Changes and Coelacanths-A Young Person’s Guide to John Fahey (Table of Elements)
Keiji Hanio & KK NullMamono (Blossoming Noise)
Lasse MarhaugPandemonium (Touch Radio)
Logical NonsenseSoul Pollution (Alternative Tentacles)
Man is the BastardD.I.Y.C.D. (Slap a Ham)
Man is the BastardSum of the Men (Vermiform)
Marcelo AguirreRepugnant Beast Recalcitrate (Desetxea)
Mark WastellVibra 1, Vibra 2 (w.m.o/r/Longbox)
MinskThe Ritual Fires of Abandonment (Relapse)
MisfitsMisfits/Collection I (Caroline Records)
Mrtyu!Blood Tantra – Rituels de song du culte de Tantra (20 Buck Spin)
NeurosisGiven to the Rising (Neurot)
OmPilgrimage (Southern Lord)
Oren AmbarchiIn the Pendulum’s Embrace (Touch)
OrthodoxGran Poder (Alone)
Osso Exotico & Verres EnharmoniquesFolk Cycles (Phonomena Audio Arts)
Pharaoh OverlordLive in Suomi Finland (Vivo)
The Goslings & Yellow Swans Bored Fortress 7″ (Not Not Fun)
Thee, Stranded HorseChurning Strides (Blank Tapes)
ThilgesLa Double Absence (Staubgold)
UlverShadows of the Sun (Jester)
Unwounddiscography (various labels)
Venetian SnaresBlack Sabbath Dubs (Kriss Records)
WeaklingDead as Dreams (tUMULt)
White/LichensWhite/Lichens (Holy Mountain)
White/LightWhite/Light (Rebis Records)
Wolves in the Throne RoomA Diadem of 12 Stars (Vendlus)
Wolves in the Throne RoomDemo 1, Demo 2
Wolves in the Throne RoomTwo Hunters (Southern Lord)
Yoro DialloDit Tiekro Bani Vol 1 (cassette rip via Awesome Tapes from Africa)

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