30 x 2010

barn owlancestral star[2010 thrill jockey]
bastard noisea culture of monsters[2010 deep six]
burzumbelus[2010 byelobog productions]
crippled black phoenixi, vigilante[2010 invada]
deathspell omegaparacletus[2010 season of mist]
dispiritrehearsal at oboroten cs[2010]
drudkhhandful of stars[2010 season of mist]
elehrepose[2010 touch]
emeraldsdoes it look like i’m here?[2010 editions mego]
expo 70the vanishing world within[2010 sonic meditations]
grailsblack tar prophecies vol iv[2010 important]
heckerneu[2010 editions mego]
jana winderenenergy field[2010 touch]
jon muellerthe whole[2010 type]
keith fullerton whitmanvariations for oud and synthesizer 7″[2010 no label]
kevin drummnecro acoustic 5cd box[2010 picadisk]
kiss the anus of a black cathewers of wood and drawers of water[2010 zeal]
loscilendless falls[2010 kranky]
oneohtrix point neverreturnal[2010 editions mego]
pan sonicgravitoni[2010 blast first]
robin foxa handful of automation[2010 editions mego]
silvester anfang iicommune cassetten lp[2010 blackest rainbow]
starkweatherthis sheltering night[2010 deathwish inc]
swansmy father will guide me up a rope to the sky[2010 young god][pictured]
thomas ankersmitlive in utrecht[2010 ash international]
various artiststo scratch your heart: early recordings from istanbul[2010 honest jons]
watainlawless darkness[2010 season of mist]
woven handthe threshingfloor[2010 glitterhouse]
yellow swansbeing there+going places[2010 type]
zaimphcoast to coast c40[2010 gift tapes]

Happy 2011!!!!


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