Down and Out in Copenhagen

Friday 3 July, Copenhagen: The trip that defied planning. Waiting for money which has not been paid, unable to find the keys to the flat where I’m supposed to stay, phone on it’s last legs, friends far away and not sure I know anything about love any more. But somehow, I woke up here:

(yes, you can click to enlarge it…)

Another place which I expect to be sleeping in the near future:

For the curious, some upcoming events:

27 Jul-03 Aug: Symposium, Star Dome, Rucăr, Romania
10-16 Aug: Sommercampworkstation, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
17-22 Aug: AVAMAA, Moks, Mooste, Estonia
07-08 Sep: Oscillations Festival, Belfast, North Ireland


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