The Latest Methods to Waste Time

My new Tumblr page: a scratch pad for visual research, a collection of dreams, images, archetypes, ghosts, abstractions and inspirations. Unexpected fingers pointing to the………….

Now Playing

black mountain transmittertheory & practice[2010 lysergic earwax]
burzumbelus[2010 byelobog productions]
darkthronecircle the wagons[2010 peaceville]
emeraldsdoes it look like i’m here?[2010 editions mego]
fell voicesfell voices[2008]
isengrindmodlitewnik lp[2010 blackest rainbow]
olan millpine[2010 serein]
oneohtrix point neverreturnal[2010 editions mego]
oren ambarchi, jim o’rourke, keiji hainotima formosa[2010 black truffle]
prurientpalm tree corpse 3xMC10[2009 hospital productions]

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