Vector Hack 2020

Over the weekend of 2-4 OCT 2020, I have been remotely co-organizing the Vector Hack 2020 festival in Rijeka Croatia with Ivan Marušić Klif and Chris King. This event is a result of my involvement in the areas of media archaeology and audiovisual synthesis, and features presentations and works by a variety of contemporary and historical figures in computer and electronic arts.

All talks have been live streamed as well as archived on YouTube for later viewing. There is also an evening streaming program of work screenings.

Featured artists and presenters include:

Francesca Franco, Tomislav Mikulić, Paloma Kop, Rue Bainbridge, Potar Anar, Skooby Laposky/Ben Laposky, Benjamin Heidersberger/Heinrich Heidersberger, James Nolan Gandy, Eric Lennartson, Charles Deluga, Anthony Elliott, Derek Holzer, Ivan Marušić Klif, Alberto Novello, Bernd Ulmann, Stefanie Bräuer, Ted Davis, Andrei Jay, Joseph Hyde, Michael Honeycomb, Shojiro Nakaoka, Miha Vipotnik, Tadej Droljc, Optokoppler, Sofy Yuditskaya, Branimir Štivić, Hrvoje Radnić, Antti Tenetz, David Francus/Hrvoje Nikšić, James Lehman, Dirk de Bruin, and David Françus

Please visit the following sites for further info:

Image credit: Bernd Ulmann, “Analog Chaos”

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