Beware the Wogglebug

I finished this in a beautiful last-minute rush before packing the studio for my move to Denmark. Behind this panel live two members of the Wogglebug species: random voltage generators based on the famous Buchla Source of Uncertainty, coupled with a very bizarre ring-modulated tone oscillator. The only thing which could possibly be more fun than having one source of uncertain electricity is having two of them. When they talk together, they make each other even more uncertain, like two nervous nerds in the kitchen at a party. Samples later, I’m still building up my studio at the Music Conservatory.

Now Playing

cut handsafro noise 1[2011 very friendly susan lawly]
ellen fullmanthrough glass panes[2011 important]
keith fullerton whitman+ben vidarequired wreckers[2011 amish records]
mika vainiolife (… it eats you up)[2011 editions mego]
motion sickness of time traveldreamcatcher cs[2011 hobo cult records]
quiet eveningstaped sounds for night listening[2011 discrepant]
sutekh hexenalters[2010]
t.e. lawrencethe seven pillars of wisdom[1922]
tucker martinebroken hearted dragonflies: insect electronica from southeast asia[sublime frequencies 2004]]

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