Mountains of Mourne

Northern Ireland, 26 April 2009

A long time ago, I promised myself that for every week I spend traveling to do workshops or gigs behind the computer or in front of electronics, I would give myself one day in nature. This was one of those rare times where it actually worked out. Thanks to Richard Davis from Queen Street Digital Studios in Belfast for the opportunity!

The show last Wednesday with Column One and Burial Hex went down well. Thanks to everyone who came out! Unfortunately for me, a cable crapped out on my recorder, so I only have my set in mono… The gig on the 10th with Pure and Habsyll at Raum 18 should be great too. Don’t let the new venue throw you…the only neighbors are a Turkish wedding hall, which means noise will never be an issue! But first, I have to survive the Neanderthal Electronics workshop at NK next week.

I’m looking for someone to sublet my flat in Berlin while I’m away from 20 May to approx 15 June. Rent is EUR 10 a night, minimum one week. Also, I’ll be passing through Paris on 8 June and would love to do a workshop or a gig. Get in touch if you can help either way!

Now Playing

BodychokeCold River Songs CD [1996/2009 Relapse reissue]
Calcination CD [2009 Utech] (Thx Antoine!!!)
Antoine ChessexTerra Incognita amazing gatefold 12″ [2009 Amphissa] (Thx Antoine!!!)
House of Low Culture
Live from the House of Low Temperature one-sided, screen-printed 12″ [2008 2XHNI] (Thx Aaron!!!)
Merzbow & Pan Sonic
V CD (live at Victoriaville, 2002) [2003 Victo]
MerzbowKarasu (13 Japanese Birds Part 4) CD [2009 Important]
MossTombs of the Blind Drugged CD [2009 Rise Above]
MudboyMudmux Volume One 7” [2008 DNT]
Haunted CastleSagging Skull and Street Beast CS [2006/2007 Self Released]
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten/Sogo Ishii
Halber Mensch film [1986]
Victor Pelevin
Babylon post-Soviet Buddhist critique of New Russian advertising culture novel (???)
Vince CollinsMalice in Wonderland unbelievably twisted/perversely surreal animation [1982]

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