almost finished….

A few shots of the almost-completed Buchla 200e clone synthesizer cabinet I’ve been working on (they are clickable to enlarge). It still needs some internal wiring done, and I have definitely discovered that painting metal evenly is not my fortĂ©, but it looks pretty damned good all the same. Now to make more modules to stick in it…

Updates on sommercampworkstation (Berlin, Germany)[Flickr pics] and AVAMAA (Mooste, Estonia) forthcoming. But tonight I’ve got curry to cook and single malts to sip with los amigos Scandinavios Lars, Iben & Halldor!

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theodore kaczynskiindustrial society and its future[1995 ny times][wikimedia]
twowhokesämaalla/talvikaupungissa cs[2990 ikuisuus]
lightning boltearthly delights[2009 load]
merzbowkokuchou(13 japanese birds vol 8)[2009 important]
velvet cacoonatropine[2009 full moon productions]
(v.e.g.a.)far from you[2009 vega korperation]

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