moddr_opening, iMAL Brussels

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Photos of my SoundBoxes from the moddr opening at iMAL, Brussels, plus Matt Kemp’s Nizo Super 8 Analogue Noise Machine which he made during one of my Neanderthal Electronics workshops in Rotterdam a while back. Photos by Yves Bernard, iMAL.

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SoundBox Tech

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Just finished this schematic and stripboard layout for tomorrow’s Neanderthal Electronics workshop at NK Project Berlin. This is a new approach to the NE concept, called simply SoundBoxes which you can read about here. Hoping to do more in the future, as well as making my own unique ones.

The circuit itself is quite simple. Take the reverse-engineered design of one very expensive boutique guitar pedal, slim it down a bit and run it through a half-watt amplifier into a speaker. It’s an unpredictable little monster, which I like best while feeding it’s own signal back to itself via a contact mic and any loose junk that happens to be within reach. Chaotic magic in the works, microcosms in the making…

ACHTUNG! Double check the pin orientation of the Germanium PNP transistors! I can sure for sure that at least the 2N404 is wrong, which may account for several failed builds during workshops. I will update the artwork eventually. Until then… Google is your friend.

All artwork draw by myself with help from these sources:
La Revolution Deux

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crippled black phoenixi, vigilante[2010 invada]
kevin drumm & tom smithreconquer sleep or disappear[2010 savage land]
tindersticksfalling down a mountain[2010 4ad]

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Singing the Post-France Blues

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Watching Tomoko Sauvage Performance/Installation @ Grimm Museum Berlin (photos by Laura Gianetti)

Miss Tomoko was a fabulous host during my last stay in Paris, especially when she indulged my obsession with second hand stores and flea markets. The TONEWHEELS gig at the Art Museum of Dijon went strange, basically I was asked to turn it down about 5 minutes into the set, when I was only a quarter of the way up! Seems the security guards were frightened I might “vibrate” the paintings in the museum (organizers, on the other hand, were cool and supportive). Talk/demo for the /dev/art series was a bit friendlier, with lots of questions and interest, and the final I-R-L gig was super, very good PA and responsive audience. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the airport…

I almost forgot to mention that I missed my flight going to France! The long and the short of it is this: I hadn’t done the TONEWHEELS set since last spring, so I had forgotten how screwed up all my equipment was. I started checking it the day before my flight, and realized that I would have to remake everything…motor controllers, light-to-sound converters and all. Mostly because of stubbornness, I have to confess. I had tried to make a single unit of the whole thing before my USA tour and abandoned it the day before leaving.

This time I would not be defeated! I worked until the last possible minute, but to no avail. Then I called a taxi to the airport, which never showed up. I rebooked the flight (at my own expense!!!) for the next morning early, and spent the whole sleepless night (again…) building the SlenderTONEWHEELS box.

SlenderTONEWHEELS takes it’s name and super-70’s enclosure plus matching carry case from a Slendertone “fitness” machine, designed to stimulate your abdominal muscles with electrical pulses while you perform such rigorous labor as eating popcorn while watching Saturday Night Live. I found the device at a flea market in Helsinki last winter and had been dying to use it for something. So at the cost of a missed flight, I managed to put a 6 channel Arduino-based PWM motor controller and four light-to-sound-converters inside just in time to show off for the Frenchies.

Now that I’m home I can start preparing for the next two upcoming workshops at NK Project Berlin plus a Tuned City trip to Tallin, as well as thinking how to concentrate more on crafting unique sound boxes to sell rather than traveling so much for gigs and workshops. Not that I don’t like playing and teaching, it’s just that I start to feel so un-grounded these days. Maybe missing flights is a sign I need some rest…

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Live @ UH Fest mp3

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Although this sounds absolutely nothing like what people in the room actually experienced, I’m posting this mixing desk recording of my set at the UH Fest just to give an idea. Get ready for slooooooow development…

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enthe absent coast[2010 root strata]
expo 70where does your mind go[2010 immune]
jazkamerfailed state of mind[2010 pica disk]
locrianterritories[2010 at war with false noise]
merzbow+z’evspiral left/spiral right[2010 cold spring]
mv & eebollywoe[2010 child of microtone]
seth nehiltracing the skins of clouds[1998 orogenetics]
sun arawon patrol[2010 not not fun]
supersilent10[2010 rune grammofon]
supersilent11[2010 rune grammofon]
the fun yearsgod was like, no[2010 barge]

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France 17, 19, 20 December 2010

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17 November: TONEWHEELS performance @ Résonances Electroniques Festival, Museum of Fine Arts, Dijon FR

19 November: TONEWHEELS discussion + performance @ /dev/art/, 19h / 23h, BlackBoxe, 17 rue de la Chapelle 75018 Paris FR, FREE

20 November: TONEWHEELS performance @ I-R-L Performances / Optica Festival avec Art of Failure and Chloé Mazlo & Son of a Pitch, 20h30, Centre Mercoeur, 4 rue Mercoeur 75011 Paris FR – M° voltaire/charonne, paf: 5 euros

Thanks to Octarine Productions, Jack/Kevin/Laurent@RYBN and the beautiful Tomoko Sauvage for support putting this trip together.

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kevin drummlive at bardens boudoir, london, uk 29.01.08 mp3[2008]
kk nullakumu[2008 vital]
mattin (ed.)noise and capitalism book[2009 arteleku audiolab]
paul demarinisburied in noise book[2010 kehrer][danke carsten!!!]
prurient+cold cavestars explode[2010 hospital productions]
merzbow+balázs pándilive at fluc wanne, vienna 18.05.10 lp[2010]

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UH Go Social videos by Jackie Triste

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Videos from the first two days of the UH Fest Go Social! Tour by Jackie Triste

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angel eyesdire dish c36 [2010 not not fun records]
arkhoniatrails/traces[2010white box]
barn owlancestral star[2010 thrill jockey]
bj nilsen+stilluppsteypaspace finale 2xlp[2010 editions mego]
jon muellerphysical changes cd+lp+dvd[2010 table of elements]
marcus fjellströmschattenspieler[2010 miasmah]
robedoorpacific drift 7″[2010 not not fun]

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Neanderthal Electronics Aalborg

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The Neanderthal Electronics workshop in Aalborg was a success. A small but dedicated group from Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Lithuania created a selection of incredible little instruments, with an emphasis on found toys, contact mics, feedback and chaos! Thanks to Edit, Christian, Mads, Gabi and Isa for a colorful time at the Apparat/Platform4 event!

More photos from Apparat by Sami Sänpäkkilä of Fonal Records here!

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jazkamerwe want epic drama[2010 pica disk]
jazkamermatthew 28:17[2010 pica disk][Tusen takk John!!!!]

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Activities in October (SE, HU, NO, DK)

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Oct 4-8Neanderthal Electronics workshop, Nordic Sound Academy, Malmö SE
Oct 8, 19:00Neanderthal Electronics presentation/concert, Nordic Sound Academy, Malmö SE
Workshop limited to students of Nordic Sound Academy, presentation/concert open to the public
Venue: Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Oct 9, 21:00Macumbista performance, UH Fest, Budapest HU
Venue: Merlin, Gerlóczy utca 4, Budapest

Oct 11-16Regenskog/Rainforest workshop, Piksel, Bergen NO
Oct 15-16Regenskog/Rainforest installation/performance, Piksel, Bergen NO
Workshop by invitation only, guests welcome to visit. Installation/performance open to the public as follows:
– Friday evening from 20:00
– Saturday afternoon 14:00-18:00
– Saturday evening 20:00-23:00
Venue: Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1, Bergen

Oct 21-23Neanderthal Electronics workshop, Apparat, Ålborg DK
Oct 23 20:00Macumbista performance, Apparat, Ålborg DK
Workshop registration via APPARAT
Performance venue: Platform 4, Rapsgade 4, Ålborg

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pete swansonfeelings in america[2010 root strata]
pop (product of power=karkowski & rehberg)work hard play harder[2003 absurd]

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Tuned City Tallin on Touch Radio

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Touch Radio 56 | Thomas Ankersmit

29.09.10 – Hangar Performance, Tallinn, May 29th 2010 – 19:02 – 192 kbps

Solo saxophone performance inside abandoned seaplane hangar, Tallinn harbour, Estonia. Recorded by John Grzinich, May 29 2010, at the introduction event for Tuned City Tallinn 2011.

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keiji haino & pan sonicin the studio 2LP[2010 blast first petite]
kevin drummthe obstacles of romantic exaggeration[2010 karl schmidt verlag]
pete swansonwhere i was[2010 self-released]
robin foxa handful of automation[2010 editions mego]
swansmy father will guide me up a rope to the sky[2010 young god]
watainlawless darkness[2010 season of mist]
wolvserpentblood seed[2010 20 buck spin]

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“Noise Music in the Refugee Camp” – Kálmán Mátyás/

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The Ultrasound Festival organizers took special tour of Hungary, covering for a week the country’s most marginalized people. They visited the market Devecser, and afterwards the Bicske refugee camp.

Click the image to visit the page with the video You should probably let the video load completely before playing, it’s rather slow outside Hungary.

Direct link:

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thomas ankersmitlive in utrecht[2010 ash international](dank je wel thomas!)

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